Mali Plavac degustation 20.6.2012

Hvar, Sveta Nedjelja, 20.6.2012 restaurant Tamaris 21.00

8 guests from Czech i 4 lokalni pijanci meet 20.6.2012 in restaurant Tamaris, Sveta Nedjelja for degustation of the top Plavac Mali red wines. Here are results of wines what they tasted:

  •  6 guests from Brno results: 1. Plavac Vlado 2010 i Ivan Dolac barique 2007, 55b; 3. Bura 2009, 51b; 4. Plavac Pitve 2008, 47.5b; 5. Matusko Royal 2005, 47b; 6. Zlatan Ostatak Bure 2010, 45.5b; 7. Milos Stagnum 2005, 45b; 8. Plavac Milatic 2007, 44.5b; 9. Radovic President 2007 i Tomic barique++ 2007 i Zlatan Grand Crue 2008, 43b; 12. Dubokovic Medvjedica 2008 41.5b; 13. Plancic Pharos Grand Crue 2006 40.5b; 14. Caric Ploski Plavac barique 2008 37b.
  • 4 lokalni pijanci results: 1. Caric Ploski Plavac barique 2008 36.5b; 2. Plancic Pharos Grand Crue 2006 36b; 3. Dubokovic Medvjedica 2008 35.5b; 4. Plavac Milatic 2007, 35b; 5. Matusko Royal 2005 i  Tomic barique++ 2007 i Zlatan Grand Crue 2008 34,5b; 8. Plavac Pitve 2008 34b; 9. Plavac Vlado 2010, 33b; 10. Zlatan Ostatak Bure 2010, 32b;.11. Ivan Dolac barique 2007 31.5b; 12. Radovic President 2007 31b; 13. Milos Stagnum 2005, 29b; 14. Bura 2009 28,5b.

There are so many  opposite results between this two groups,  it is suggest to cancel results at all. See for instance, wine Caric Ploski Plavac, in first group last, in second group first position.  It is supposed that one or two of this group were before degustation under influence of alcohol. Sommelier, 19 years old  Markreta had to run away from degustation because of offensive and unscrupulous behavior of second group as well.

More light to degustation can brink two nice and distinguished guys from Prag. Their results look like  reasonable and not influenced by former alcohol. Let us see it:

But again no considerable correlation. 

We can see just one point: wine Matusko Royal 2005 is around the same position in all groups, little better then average.

Because of no other correlation, results are definitely useless and we do not make sum of all groups at the moment.

Just for curiosity see results of three girls in degustation and see which wine like girls. One extra girl join degustation after. Girls were not all in one group from upstairs and their particular results are almost perfectly in correlation each other. Thats way will be reasonable to speak about most wanted girls wine. Here they are:

Remarkable results for Plavac Vlado i Plavac Milatic! Girls like Matusko, Bura, Dubokovic i Ivan Dolac wines, this was already expected.The wine producers guys are real charismatic mens. So, girls let put attention to new wines on the scene, Plavac Vlado and Plavac Milatic !

Competition of best degustator - pijanac took place as well in same time. The second group was in, 14 wines to determinate as good as possible, max point 14 x 8 =112. All of them got list of the wines before.

4th. position: pijanac Em from Crna Gora, 21b, 2 determined wines; 3th. position: pijanac JV from Sveta Nedjelja, 26b, 2 determined wines; 2nd. position: pijanac JM from Sveta Nedjelja, 30b, 3 determined wines; 1st. position: pijanac MS from Sveta Nedjelja, 61b, 7 determined wines