The best of Mali Plavac on the market 2015, wine tasting Tamaris 14.6.2015.

Close tasting - no one from wine tasters know, what wine actually rates.


Magnum 1,5 l bottles:  Zlatan Plavac Grand Cru 2010
  Tomic Veliki Mali Plavac 2011
  Bibitus Vron Bod Grand reserva
  Plavac Vlado 2013
0,75 l bottles: Ploski Plavac barrique 2009 Carič, disq - spoiled cork
  Saint Hills Dingac 2010
  Vinaria Svirce Ivan Dolac Plavac 2009
  Zlatan Plavac Grand Cru 2010
  Prestige 2013
  Plavac Sime 2013
  Plavac Mirko 2013


Zlatan Plavac Grand Cru 2010, 0,75l 96 points
Tomic Veliki Mali Plavac 2011, 1,5 l 96 points
Plavac Vlado 2013, 1,5l 96 points
Prestige 2013, 0.75 l 96 points
Bibitus Vron Bod Grand reserva, 1,5 l 95 points
Saint Hills Dingac 2010, 0,75 l 94 points
Zlatan Plavac Grand Cru 2010, 1,5 l 94 points
Plavac Sime 2013, 0,75 l 93 points
Vinaria Svirce Ivan Dolac Plavac 2009, 0,75 l 91 points

Plavac Mirko  0,75 l, 2013  - 99 points - disqualification - suspicion, the author with his wine performs mystic bio dynamical experiment originally suggested by R. Stainer. This experiment suggests, that right bio, preservation free wine can be alive organism and together with its author mind can influe  to the wine tasters and bluff or involve various emotions during drinking and after, even if the wine itself is not technically so good. Same happened repeatably with author wine vintage 2011 in front of hundred witnesses during couples of wine tasting in 2013.​